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A data-driven initiative

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One of the most impactful ways to disseminate data is through visualizations. If we understand the data better, we can take better decisions. SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) Interactive Dashboard is a data-driven initiative that supports tracking and monitoring of the United Nation's global goals. The platform currently uses data from the UN Statistics Division's (UNSD) SDG Global Database, which was opened in April 2018, in a way that allows users to explore and visualize data to analyze progress.

The SDGs Dashboard will enable Governments, Policy Decision Makers, Researchers, Academicians, Anthropologists and others interested in tracking SDGs to perform easy analysis via innovative visualizations and tools for exploring data from global data sources.

Users can adapt the SDGs Interactive Data Dashboard to monitor their country's progress on the SDGs, and explore trends on particular SDGs, indicators and/or targets. To explore a particular Goal or target, the Dashboard's tools enable users to visualize the data in thematic maps, graphs, bubble or rank charts, tree maps or tables, among other outputs.

SDGs Dashboard displays a given target and its indicators, and provides information on the data value, unit and trends. By clicking on the value, users can view trends over time towards the target. Users can also choose to track and monitor data on the SDGs that are most important to them, or to view country profiles.

The interactive platform includes the capability to link national statistical office (NSO) data and government databases with the SDGs Dashboard. A 'Citizens Vote' tool allows users to identify the six issues that are most important to them, out of a total of 16 issues, ranging from a good education to action taken on climate change. Users can then see how their priorities compare with others, and view priorities around the world. Votes are recorded with the user's gender, age, education level and location.

Users can request to be notified when data are updated or when suggested data are included in the dashboard.

evidence based decisions

An initiative to engage and align all UN and Government agencies towards evidence based decisions and data insights

Open Source Application

Fully customizable cloud-based open source dashboard

track, monitor and report data

Can be adapted by any country to track, monitor and report data on goals most critical to them

Some of the features of the dashboard are listed below -


Visualize data in charts and maps to track, monitor and report on the SDG indicators


Innovative drill - down charts


Multi - dimensional data visualization


Run online campaigns to know what the citizens want !

To support the Global Goals, iTech Mission an ISO certified social enterprise has launched an interactive Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) Dashboard